About Me

Greetings! My name is Rami Atassi, and I'm the creator of Guitar Tactics—a guitar school for adults in Chicago.

During my 20+ years of playing & teaching, I've developed dual passions for the intellectual and intuitive sides of music. In 2021, I started Guitar Tactics to help guitarists on their musical journeys.

My teaching style is practical, professional, and informed by real-world musical situations. Before starting Guitar Tactics, I worked on hundreds of sessions and performances as a guitarist.

I've played Pitchfork Music Festival, made a record produced by Yoko Ono, and recently scored the feature film "Bad Animal." My next studio album, "Dancing Together," is coming out in Fall 2023 on Ropeadope.

Beyond playing and teaching, I'm also a web & user experience nerd. (Back in 2016, I designed the front end user experience for bahamas.com). I've channeled some of this passion and experience into creating the Guitar Tactics Lessons Library—my online curriculum available to all students in the program.

Want to connect? Find me on Instagram and TikTok. Or, you can click here to request a guitar session.