Become a better guitarist in 4 weeks with Guitar Theory Fundamentals

Guitar Theory Fundamentals is a 4-week live class for guitarists with who want to learn fundamental music theory applied on the guitar. Sessions start January 24 @ 7PM CT—register now!
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Live Group Classes

Guitar Theory Fundamentals starts 1/24/22! This 4-week group class is for guitarists who want to learn fundamental music theory applied on the guitar. You'll make a significant leap in your playing, practicing with structured curriculum & personalized feedback. The group setting helps us to focus, practice & learn from each other.

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Private Lessons

For advancing guitarists who want to go deeper with their practice, I offer 1on1 private guitar lessons. Lessons are available online via Zoom and in-person at my studio in Chicago. In my teaching practice, I focus on helping adult guitar students who already have some experience with the instrument.

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Jazz Concepts for Rock Guitarists

Preview on Soundslice

How well do you know the major scale? This course takes you beyond basic positions, using the major scale to teach you fretboard fluency.

This is an interactive video course is delivered via Soundslice, the most advanced education software on the web. Exercises include:

  • Total Fretboard Workout (C)
  • Ascending/Descending Sets of 4 (Ab)
  • Descending Bassline Study (E)
  • Interval Studies: 3rds & 6ths (C & G)

About Your Instructor

Greetings! My name is Rami Atassi, and I'm the creator of Guitar Tactics—a place for guitarists to develop their skills through videos, lessons, and live classes.

During my 20+ years of creating & teaching music, I've developed an equal passion for understanding music with my brain & creating art with my gut.

I've played Pitchfork Music Festival, made a record produced by Yoko Ono, and recently scored the feature film "Bad Animal."  Through hundreds of gigs and sessions, I've had a lot of fun and worked with insanely talented musicians.

Along the way, I've built up a trove of practical guitar knowledge—"stuff you can use" for a wide range of styles and skill levels. In my teaching practice, I'm all about sharing that knowledge. You can check out some of my teaching on InstagramTikTok.

I'm also passionate about technology and excited by new tools that emphasize a student-centered method. Through my courses & private teaching practice, I give students access to tons of interactive content so that they can make progress on their own schedule. Check out my Soundslice page for example exercises.

So happy I made this decision, and to anyone looking for someone to help them get to the next level, look no further. Ditch the countless and endless videos on YouTube telling you how to play guitar, and learn from someone in real-time. It makes all the difference in the world!

Chris S.

I’m from the U.K was a bit skeptical about having a lesson over the internet. However the lesson was AWESOME! Rami is a total pro and in 5 mins managed to help me with something I’ve been struggling with for months.

Adam A.

Rami is an incredible teacher....he has so much insight on where you are at and where you need to go. I can't recommend him enough!

Bryce D.

I always leave our sessions with more confidence and a better understanding of my guitar and music theory in general.

Jeff B.

Rami has built a very comprehensive lesson plan, based on what I am looking to achieve, and has tailored the plan regularly to meet the pace of my progression. I can not only hear, but feel, the improvements

Liam R.

I've been playing seriously for about four years now, and based on asking a few questions and watching some of my recordings he gave me some tips along with exercises to help me along on my journey as an aspiring blues player.

Chris M.

Rami's style is quite mentoring, giving advice and making suggestions after he observes what you are doing, pinpointing the areas that will make the biggest difference, and the homework that you go away with will make you a better player.

Alex D.

Rami is a fantastic guitar teacher who really knows his stuff. You can tell he wants to provide as much value as possible during the lesson.

Bhav P.

Don’t be afraid if you’re slightly older, I am 45 and I could understand his structured way of teaching. I usually tense up playing in front of people, but I felt comfortable in my lesson knowing I wasn’t be judged.

Darren M.

Rami is an excellent listener. He hears what you are saying and what you're not saying. He hears what you are playing and are not playing. He takes that all in and then in relatable terms he sets you on the best path to growing as a player.

Matt D.

I have been playing guitar for 23 years and he showed me some cool stuff. I absolutely recommend!

David S.

Rami was absolutely amazing. He had a way of deciding things which just seemed to create lightbulb moments and really make the path ahead clearer for me

Jared T.
Guitar Tactics is a project by Rami Atassi