5 Ways to Improvise Lead Lines

This lesson is all about improvising! We look at 5 different concepts for improvising lead lines on the guitar, using the classic tune, "What's Goin' On," as our jumping off point.

The 5 lead concepts include:

  • Melody
  • Rhythm
  • Scales
  • Chords & Arpeggios
  • "Outside" Playing

This lesson is a survey, so rather than going in depth on any single concept, I'm focused on showing you how these different concepts sound next to each other. The attached worksheet includes a few ideas for scales and arpeggios—the idea is that you will make these your own by introducing your own rhythmic phrasing.

To get at deeper scale & arpeggio playing, we also need to do some chord analysis and understand how the chord progression works. I break that down for you in the second half of the lesson video.

To work out these concepts I'm playing over a groove I made based on the chords from the A section of "What's Goin' On." I've provided the groove for you to download and play along here.

Practice Beat:

"What's Goin' On" A Section (100 BPM)
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